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‘ CAD system & its (Operating system)
CR-5000 PWS (HP-UNIX) ZUKEN Inc. 1sets
CR-5000 PWS (Windows) ZUKEN Inc. 3sets
MM-colmo (Solaris) IZUMIYA-IC Inc. 2sets
MM-neo (Solaris for PC) IZUMIYA-IC Inc. 4sets
‘ Input output peripherals
Laser printer(POST) Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. 1sets
Laser Copy/printer/PDF output Canon Inc. 2sets
Laser printer Canon Inc 2sets
DAT input output unit ISA Co., Ltd. 1sets
PC DELL/SONY etc. 17sets
Equipment for LAN Allied Telesis K.K. etc all CAD/PC system
Broad band router NTT-ME Corp. 1sets
‘ Circuit design/Utility software
Or-CAD ver9.1   circuit diagram
Data converter for CR-5000PWS   PWS to/from MM-colmo & MM-neo
Net list format converters   for different customers
(Approx. 30 categories)
Working-out utility   for transmission-line impedance
CAM-TOOL‡U   Gerber convertter/Gerber plot
Other various data format converters. Others
‘ EQUIPMENTS for FM transmitters
Spectrum analyzer R3361B ADVANTEST CORP. 9KHz`3.6GHz@
Spectrum analyzer
Agilent Technologies. 100kHz`6.0GHz
Spectrum analyzer
Audio analyzer Panasonic  
Audio analyzer S/N90B ShibaSoku Co.,Ltd. 10KHz ` 100KHz
Digital oscilloscope TDS-380P Tektronix Japan, Ltd. 2GHz sampling@
OSCILOSCOPE Hitachi, Ltd. DC`100MHz
` NF measuring equipment ENF-2005 ELENA ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. 10MHz`1.5GHz
Logic analyzer SL-4122 IWATSU ELECTRIC CO., LTD. DC`100MHz
Impedance bridge 60N50 Wiltron Measurements Ltd. 5MHz`2GHz
RF power meter WD-2011 KURANISHI INSTRUMENTS LTD. 500MHz,200W@
Wide receiver AR8000 AOR, LTD. 530KHz`1900MHz
Universal programmer AL-11 Hi-Lo Systems Co., Ltd. @
Digital multi-meter @ @
Power supply units
‘ Environmental test chambers
@LHU-113 ESPEC -20Ž`+85Ž
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